YX Mini Hot Pot is one of the honorary brand of YX Catering Group. It has been well received since its entry into Australia. YX Catering Group has always been adhering to the principle of using pure natural and fresh ingredients of the day without additives. At the same time, we integrate the Bashu culture and create the hot pot brand with strong Sichuan style.

YX Catering Group has developed into a famous brand that has attracted great attention in Australia. Our team is constantly looking for natural higher quality materials and insisting on independent and innovative food research and improvement to meet the needs of different groups of customers and lead the hot pot industry in Australia.Make a gift of rose while your hands stay a lingering fragrance. YX Catering Group follows the spirit of customer first, and will continue to adhere to no additives, fresher, more nutritious food for customers and promoting Chinese cuisine.

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